march 29 - Funnel Web Spiders, Atrax robustus Symptoms o...

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Animal poison and human chemicals Fish-hunting cone snail o 4-5 inches long o Possess a harpoon o Inject a toxin venom; can kill adult humans in hours Endless forms of natural medicine Medical benefits? Snail venoms might reduce severe pain Related to cobras and sea snakes Main traits Symptom o Difficulty breathing o Paralysis in different positions of breathing o Numbness and tingling Snake venoms are complex = modified saliva LD50 ~ 0.019 mg/kg Two effects o 1. Natural ach molecules: causes paralysis o 2. Destroys tissue (powerful enzymes that act as super saliva) Venomous snakes highly adapted to injecting venom Black Widow – spider venom LD50=.18-2.20 mg/g Physical symproms o Muscle spasms (rigid stomach) o Salivating o Sweating and nausea Over stimulation – causes painful contractions but rarely death When going to the outhouses – watch out below
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Unformatted text preview: Funnel Web Spiders, Atrax robustus Symptoms o Generalized muscle spasms o Salivation o Hypertension Venom greatly over stimulates muscle Venom primarily affects primates: other mammals more resistant Japanese Puffer Fish Tetrodotoxin; concentrated in gonads Blocks nervous transmission Symptoms: o Vomiting o Light headedness o Dizziness o Feelings of doom (you can imagine why) An ascending paralysis; death can occur within 6-24 hours Other marine organisms store TTX Harlequin frogs Blue ring octopus Convergent evolution Different structures independently evolved to produce same trait Signature feature of evolution Evolution a creative process; converges on the same solution for a problem...
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march 29 - Funnel Web Spiders, Atrax robustus Symptoms o...

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