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To a scientist, a theory is a hypothesis that has demonstrably held up the most rigorous testing for so lon that it is a virtual certainty. Hypotheses that have been elevated to the status of a theory show us in a fundamental way how some aspect of the world works. Summarize the argument of "Teaching Theories: the Evolution Creation Evolution qualifies as a valid scientific theory while creationism does not. Evolutionary theory is not a religious explanation while creationism is. They conclude only that evolution and creationism are two totally different sorts of explanations of nature. They should not be confused. Evolution is the best scientific explanation of nature currently available, therefore it deserves to be taught as a scientific theory in science class. Creationism, since it is not a scientific theory, should not be taught as science in science
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Unformatted text preview: class. What do scientist use scientific theories for? A theory is good because it is useful and it is fruitful of new knowledge. Scientific theories are important because they give mankind knowlege of this world and the ability to act wisely in this world. The power of scientific theories rewults from the fact that they are correctable. They may be tested. Whether the theory may be right or wrong, these tests yeild new information about the world. What is Darwin's theory of natural selection, and why must you know that theory in order to understand Human Evolution? Natural Selection is in an interaction of the struggle for existence. The individuals that have more proginy will be selected by nature, and traits are created by the environment. Natural selection is the engine of evolution. Evolution is change over time. It is evolution based on relative reporductive success of individuals within a species due to the individual's adaptive fitness....
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