Term - observation, not theory 3. Process: a way of...

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Term what does holistic mean Definition looking at the WHOLE picture, taking information from every available source to better understand Term Biological Approach: Definition examines how biology and culture affect each other. ex: race is usually a ccultural term, but can also be used as a biological component. examines distance between biology and race and culture and race Term comparative: Definition cross-cultural comparison, focuses more on non- western non-industrialized groups Term fieldwork Definition anthropologists collect data in the field, digging for fossils, interview people, and collect other data Term what constitutes scientific literacy Definition 1. Facts: claims about the worlds empirical content (9 planets, world is round) 2. Empirical: based on experiments or
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Unformatted text preview: observation, not theory 3. Process: a way of knowing, different than other fields, ex) philosophy and religion aren't science Scientific 4. Method: construct a hypothesis and test it in a systematic way, keep trying and modifying hypothesis until it is right 5. Scientific theory: when repeatedly confirmed through empirical data, becomes scientific theory, unless proven false after Term what is the scientific method Definition the standard procedure of research and testing that any hypothesis must go through in order to be considered science: hypothesis is stated, data is collected to test it,, and hypothesis is either supported or refuted. process involves observation of a natural phenomenon with some deduction about its cause...
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Term - observation, not theory 3. Process: a way of...

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