Term1 - animal lives near the water, its children should be...

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Term What are the three premises of Darwin's theory of natural selection? Definition 1. trait must be inherited 2. trait in question must show variation between individuals 3. environment must put some pressure on the organism or its genetic makeup in order to make a change Term Compare Lamarck's giraffe evolution to what Darwin would say Definition Lamarck says that it happens in one generation, the giraffes make their necks grow so that they will be more suitable, whereas Darwin says that giraffes that naturally have longer necks will fare better and will therefore be able to reproduce easier Term What is the definition of Theory of Inheritance of Acquired Characteristics Definition proposed that changes that occur during the lifetime of an individual, through use or disuse, can be passed on to the next generation. ex) if an
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Unformatted text preview: animal lives near the water, its children should be better swimmers than it was Term What about Lamarcks theory was correct? incorrect? Definition correct: crucial relationship between an organism and its environment incorrect: thinking that evolutionary change can happen during one lifetime of an individual Term what types of evidence led Darwin to this conclusion Definition 1. Bio-geography 2. Artificial Selection 3. Fossil Record 4. Geological Record 5. Comparative Anatomy 6. Convergent Evolution 7. Comparative Embryology 8. Economics Term Definition bio-geography: geographical distribution of species (galapagos islands) Term Artificial Selection: Definition compare what humans do to domesticated animals to what happens in nature...
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Term1 - animal lives near the water, its children should be...

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