Term2 - based on and what is the validity of them...

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Term what are the two Mendelian laws of inheritance Definition 1. Segregation 2. Independent Assortment Term Law of Segregation: Definition genes occur as paired alleles, each parent gives 1 allele per gene Term law of independent assortment Definition each allele separates independently of each other, resulting in new combination's through sexual reproduction Term how would Darwin feel about his theory if he knew of mendels work Definition he would be worried because he believed in "blending inheritance" Term blending inheritance: Definition genetic factors from parents average out of blend when they are passed to offspring
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Term what two assumptions is blending inheritance
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Unformatted text preview: based on, and what is the validity of them Definition 1. Each Parent contributes equally to the offspring-valid 2. these contribtutions are halved at each succesive generation--invalid Term Polygenic Traits Definition result from the combined action of more than one gene, most complex genes are polygenic Term what are the two major ways that polygenic traits differ from single gene traits Definition polygenic traits offer more continuous variation, and also the environment has a greater influence on polygenic traits ex)skin color, height, can both be affected by environment...
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Term2 - based on and what is the validity of them...

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