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Term3 - even make an effect ex THE CAT AND DOG TXE CAT AND...

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Term what are mutations in terms of gene structure Definition when DNA is being duplicated, sometimes mistakes are made, most are either harmful or neutral, but occasionally can be good. are very rare per location, but is not uncommon for an individual to have some. and it is the ultimate source of all new genetic variation Term what are the types of mutation Definition 1. Point mutation 2. Phase shift mutation 3. Chromosomal aberrations 4. Aneuploidy (nondisjunction) Term Point Mutation: Definition single substitution of a nitrogenous base. sometimes doesnt
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Unformatted text preview: even make an effect ex) THE CAT AND DOG TXE CAT AND DOG Term Phase Shift Mutation: Definition addition or deletion of a base, instead of replacement, like in a point mutation can cause some huge problems, usually more harmful than a point mutation THE CAT AND DOG TEC ATA NDD OG Term Chromosomal Aberrations: Definition large pieces of chromosoms deleted, duplicated, inverted, or attached to different chromosomes. ..since dealing with large parts, tends to have greater problems...
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