Term4 - Term founder effect Definition think pilgrims the...

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Term what are the effects of gene flow Definition decreases variation between populations, homogenizing effect when populations breed with each other, and increases variation within populations because it introduces new alleles (sexual reproduction) Term Genetic drift Definition random fluctuations in gene frequencies in a population. more significant in small populations, has opposite effecct of gene flow; increases variations between populations, but decreases it w/in populations Term what are the types of genetic drift Definition Founder Effect Bottleneck effect intergenerational drift
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Unformatted text preview: Term founder effect: Definition think pilgrims. the new population has a very different genotype, and probably phenotype as well, especially over time Term bottleneck effect: Definition temporary dramatic reduction in size of a population-could eliminate some alleles, or just make them more rare Term inter-generational drift: Definition within every generation, things change randomly. blood type is a good example Term what are the four forces of evolution Definition Natural selection mutation gene flow (resulting from migration) genetic drift...
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Term4 - Term founder effect Definition think pilgrims the...

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