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Term5 - archaeology focuses on human past and present...

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Term what is anthropology Definition anthropology is the study of human biology/culture through both time and geographic space Term what is biological anthropology Definition biological anthropology is the study of the evolution of humans through both the past and present, looks to find why people vary Term what is archaeology Definition archaeology is the study of human material culture, such as pottery and tools, helps understand what people were doing in the past Term what is the difference between biological anthropology and archaeology Definition biological anthropology focuses on human biology and the variations that it holds, whereas
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Unformatted text preview: archaeology focuses on human past and present through material remains Term what are the four fields of anthropology Definition 1. biological anthropology: the study of the variations that exist in humans based on biology 2. archaeology: the study of the past and present through materials 3. cultural anthropology: study cultures of living people, and their variations 4. linguistic anthropology: the study of languages and the similarities and differences that lie within Term Hallmarks of the Anthropological Approach Definition Holistic Biological Approach Comparative Fieldwork...
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