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IST 195: Information Technologies / Syllabus Fall 2010, Monday and Wednesday Lectures Instructor: Jeffrey Rubin Graduate Assistant: Jennifer Hawk Email: jhrubin@syr.edu Email: IST195GA@gmail.com Office Hours: By Appointment Office Location: 335 Hinds Hall Graduate Assistant: Josh Seymour Office Phone: 443-1872 Email: IST195GA@gmail.com Entrepreneurship Graduate Assistant: Katie Bennett Email: bennettk195@gmail.com Class Meeting Time : . Seven Laboratory Sections, Fridays 8:25am-4:40pm all held in the “I-Lab” room 010 on the ground floor of Hinds Hall. Catalog Description: State-of-the-art technologies in the field; Computer architectures, telecommunication networks, software design and application; Issues in information management and technology use. Introduction: The information age has arrived in a rush: Everyone in the U.S. has a computer or can go to the public library to use one. I can email, Tweet, Facebook message, or telephone my boss, my friends, and my family anytime I like from just about any point on the globe. I can snap photos or video with my cell phone and zap them to Mom or post them on my blog or YouTube. I can buy groceries or a car or DVDs or even a house on the web using my credit card or PayPal. I can find a job or a spouse using social networking tools. How does it all work? What do you need to know about all this technology in order to succeed in life? How is it possible to keep up with the rapid pace of innovation in information technology? You probably don’t want to be a programmer or engineer, so why do you need to know about all this information technology? In IST195 we will explore all of these questions through a process of enhancing information technology literacy. Even if you know little or nothing about how computers, networks, and software work, take heart. This course will provide a grounding that will get you started on a path of lifelong learning about technology. IMHO, taking this path will serve you well regardless of whether you see your life and future career as being focused on information technology. Unless you plan to move to Uzbekistan and live as a sheepherder in a cave, information technology will substantially affect your life whether you like it or not and whether you pay attention to it or not. Either way, the goal is to have you reach the end of the semester knowing twice as much about information technology as you do now. Page 1 of 11
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IST 195: Information Technologies / Syllabus Course Learning Outcomes: Memorize key terms and definitions related to common information technologies Understand at a basic or intermediate level the workings of the Internet, databases, and productivity applications Evaluate consumer- and business-focused information technology products and services Analyze and/or criticize the impact of information technology on contemporary life in the U.S. as well as in other countries, both developed and developing
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fall10_syllabus - IST 195: Information Technologies /...

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