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IST 195 - Entrepreneurship Blog Project Due: November 1 st Last Blog Posting Assignment For your last blog, rather than discuss the class material in relation to your entrepreneurial idea, we would like you to use this last post as an opportunity to summarize and reflect upon the project and your entrepreneurial idea. The final post should be at least 6 paragraphs long, with a minimum of 3 sentences per paragraph You should have a total of 8 blog posts including this last post Possible topics to include: o A summary of your entrepreneurial idea o A description of your experience with the project o What you would need to turn your idea into a reality
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Unformatted text preview: o Your understanding of entrepreneurship and how your project fits that understanding o Challenge(s) you, or your idea, might have if introduced into the real-world o Knowing what you know now, what changes might you make to your idea? Grading After the final blog is due, we will be evaluating your completed project based on the creativity and development of your entrepreneurial idea, and the fulfillment of the project requirements. Grading Rubric Criteria Poin ts Bi-Weekly Blog Evaluations (3 points each) 12 Meeting with GA 5 Number of posts (8 required) 5 Timely submission 3 Quality of content 5 Total 30...
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