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IST 195 Fall 2010 Entrepreneurship Initiative Project Final Due Date : November 1st, 2010 Overview IST 195 is an introductory course at the School of Information Studies that provides an overview of information technologies such as databases, web design, networking, and information security, for the purpose of developing an IT foundation. The course also provides an introduction to entrepreneurship by incorporating a semester-long entrepreneurship project. To begin, each student will brainstorm and decide on an entrepreneurial idea. Throughout the semester students will apply what they have learned in class, and from readings, to develop the entrepreneurial idea. The purpose of this project is to define the technological infrastructure of the product or service, by considering all of the essential technological components related to the idea. This assignment is focused primarily on technology, rather than the business plan and financial aspects of entrepreneurship. For this assignment, each student will create and utilize a blog. Each student will be responsible for submitting a total of 8 blogs (not including the first week), and each blog will pertain to the entrepreneurship material covered in class during the week of submission. The lectures will provide insight and relevant information to help integrate technology into entrepreneurship. Brainstorming: Consider how technology is used in our daily lives, and where there is a need for improvement. Since you will be working with the idea throughout the semester, select an option that you are
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Lab%2011.1%20-%20Blog%20Project - IST 195 Fall 2010...

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