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IST 195 – Student Guide for Laboratory Session Student Handout – IST 195 Lab Session 7 Title of lab: Run Unix/Linux Today Learning goal: Students who successfully complete this lab will have gained an understanding of the basic functions of an operating system that is an alternative to Windows. General instructions: This lab contains four parts of exercise. In the first part, you will issue command line instructions to telnet to a Unix-based server, which contains free server space for academic use provided by Syracuse University. In the second part of this lab, you will learn how to move files from to your computer (download) and vice- versa (upload). This activity is done by using ftp service through a program called FileZilla. In the third part, you will learn how to download files saved in to your computer, re-format the files, and submit the same to LMS. In the fourth part, you should go to, use a mail client and mail an uploaded file to your email account. In addition, you need to write a paragraph that explains how you copied a file from your computer to, a screenshot after you uploaded a file to in Part- IV, and the reasons why someone would or wouldn’t use UNIX/Linux. Important note for those who will work from home If you are working from home, you will need to download several pieces of software: To make some of the commands work on the computer from home, you need to access SU computing facility by using the VPN facility. Please consult ‘How to Connect to VPN’ at Next, download Putty, the free software that you will be using for this lab, here: Basic Lab (B-Level Grade) <Part I> Task-1: To connect to a remote host If you are in the iLab, open up a browser and type the following into the URL: Make sure you hit ‘Run’ if the popup asks if you’d like to run this application and hit ‘Yes’ if you are asked. 1
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1. Type in pwd into the ‘Host Name’ field: Be sure that port ‘22’ is selected as well as the option ‘SSH’. 2. Select ‘Open’. If you receive a second window that pops up asking if you would like to continue, select ‘Yes’. 3.
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Lab_7_Unix - IST 195 Student Guide for Laboratory Session...

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