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IST 195 – Student Guide for Laboratory Session Title of Lab: Personal Computer Security Learning Goal: The purpose of this lab is for students to learn how to protect his/her personal computer with two steps: Update Operating System and Keep Firewall Turned On. Through this lab, students will successfully learn: The basic security terminology in personal computers Know how to update OS to protect your personal computer Understand how the Windows Firewall works to prevent unauthorized access Know how to install and use Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware software General Instruction: Please read the lab carefully and pay close attention. Make sure to take notes on any key pieces of information (such as URLs) that you will need to complete the lab. Note that the basic assignment for achieving a A-level grade requires submitting the following electronic files to your LMS assignment drop box by the end of the session: All the questions must be answered in the Lab 10 – Template word document. Prior to submitting the template, with your answers, re-name it to IST195Lab10[YourNetID].docx and upload to the LMS drop box for Lab10. Note: Please be sure to check and make sure that your lab was successful uploaded prior to considering your lab completed. If you are doing this from home then you need to be using two different computers that are on the same network. If you are in a dorm, then use your computer as well as your roommate’s computer. If you are in an apartment and you’re using a wireless network, make sure you use someone else’s computer who is on that same network. If you are doing this from home, skip to Part 1. To begin, whether you are doing this in the lab or at home be sure to do the following: **Open the path C:\VMs\Winxp - To do this, follow these instructions: 1. Click on the start button in the lower left corner 2. Click on “Computer” 3. Under Hard Disk Drives, click on the Local Disk (C:) 4. Select “VMs” 5. Click on WinXP (Make sure it is the one with the file type of “Virtual Machine Settings File” Part 1. Update Your Operating System Step 1: Turn On Automatic Updates 1
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1. From the Virtual Machine you just opened you will turn on “Automatic Updates”. To do this, click the “Start” button, then click “Settings,” and then click "Control Panel.” 2.
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Lab_10_Security - IST 195 Student Guide for Laboratory...

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