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11 Title of Lab: Creating Presentations Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Learning Goal: Students will attain the basic skills necessary to prepare a PowerPoint presentation. The presentation will include a title page, several formatted slides, and a hyperlink to a website. Students will learn how to apply different templates, how to manipulate the slide master, and how to incorporate graphics. To attain this goal, students will have to follow these steps; 1) Create an outline in PowerPoint, 2) Select your (a) presentation template and develop your (b) slide master, 3) Customize each individual slide, 4) Add animation actions, and 5) Proof and rehearse of the presentation General Instructions: The basic assignment for achieving a B-level grade requires submitting IST195Lab11[YourNetID].pptx (i.e. IST195jlhawk.pptx) to the iLMS assignment drop box by the end of the session. This should contain 5 slides as described in each of the steps in the handout and play on its own with a 3 second delay as it moves from one slide to another Part 1: Downloading the Lab Template The purpose of this Lab Section is to obtain the working PowerPoint template from LMS that we will use for the remainder of the lab. Step 1: Downloading from LMS 1. Open Internet Explorer 2. In the address bar type: 3. In the space for “Username” enter your NetID 4. In the “Password” area enter your NetID Password 5. Look under Course List and click on IST 195 – Info Tech – Fall 2010 (M001). 6. Click on the link “Lab Handouts” 7. Download the “ Lab 11 Template ” (this is your .pptx file) and save it to your desktop and be sure to rename the file as IST195Lab11[YourNetID]. 8. Throughout the lab be sure to save your work frequently. Step 2: Getting Started with PowerPoint 1) Find IST195Lab11[YourNetID].pptx on your desktop and double-click to open it. **Note: You may have to click the yellow “Enable Editing” button that appears under the toolbar. 1
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Lab_11_-_PowerPoint - IST 195 Fall 2009 Student Guide for...

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