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IST 195 Project 2 Details Project 2 Quick Reference Sheet (For complete instructions, please see the Full Project Description that follows) Title Multimedia review of a social networking Website Due date November 12 th , 2010 at 11:59pm Guidelines : Create and deliver a video review on a social networking site. For the purposes of this class, the video review must be on a Social networking Website (listed below). You must write out what you plan to say beforehand and speak in English. Each group member must state his/her name and attest that the speech is all your own original material. Note : A typical speaking rate is 150 words per minute and because your video review must be at least two minutes long, you will need about 300 words written out beforehand. Please refer to “Grading” for the size of the video review, the size will depend on the number of members in your group Deliverables (upload to the LMS) There are two deliverables (a word document submitted to the LMS and a video review submitted to Your word processor file will be run through, and any submission that is shown to be plagiarized will result in a grade of zero and a possible referral to judicial affairs. Your video review MUST be uploaded to – absolutely no exceptions. Note: There are instructions on how to do this from the YouTube website click to the bottom right on “4. How to Upload”: A written version of your speech/monologue in English must be provided in MS- Word format and uploaded to iLMS. Your MS Word document must contain the URL to your YouTube video. Your video review must be at least two minutes long and at least 300 words. Your video review must be at least two minutes long and should have 300 words, if you are the only member of your group. You are welcome to take more time than this and write more words. However, if the group has more than one member, please refer to “Grading” for the information on the length of the video review. At the very beginning of your video review, each group member must introduce him or herself by name and include the following attestation. “The following material was written by me alone and represents my own personal opinions on this topic.” Note that only one person on your team needs to submit. All individuals named on the submission will receive credit. Legitimate Social Networking sites: It cannot be Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace. Please keep this projects material PG-13
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IST 195 Project 2 Details rated. It may not be about anything unlawful, distasteful, and/or pornographic in nature. If you have any questions about a site that you would like to do, please contact one of the
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Project%202%20-%20Website%20Critique - IST 195 Project 2...

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