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Lecture topics on the first IST 195 midterm exam: The hole in the wall Howard Aiken Mark 1 Moore’s law Vacuum Tube b Transistors b Integrated Circuits Types of Computers (PC, Server, Mainframes, Super Computers, Mobile) Green Computing Cloud Computing Virtualization How Web Payments Work Cost of Online Transactions PCI Compliance Twitter Operator precedence Formulas vs. Functions Conditional Formatting Graphs Grouping Pivot Tables Alternatives to Excel HSB Model RGB vs. CMYK Hexadecimal Color Hexadecimal Color to RGB Conversion System Unit Motherboard CPU Front Side Bus L2 Cache PS/2 vs USB PCI/PCIe RAM/Memory Optical Drives Hard Drives Megapixel RFID RFID Components Passive vs. Active Tags Types of RFID Chips RFID vs. Barcode Lossy compression
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Unformatted text preview: • Conversion of WAV file length (minutes) to Bytes • Bits & Bytes • Decimal vs. Binary • Storage Capacities • Binary Arithmetic • ASCII vs. UNICODE Studying strategy: Review your lecture notes on all of the topics listed above. Create a new “facts master file” containing information about each topic taken from your notes. Skim the textbook chapters again, looking for additional facts and insights about these topics. For any topic in your “facts master file” that remains confusing or underdeveloped, do some searching online to find out additional facts and insights. Print out a copy of your “facts master file” and bring it with you everywhere. Read through it three times per day at intervals of three hours. Get together with another student and look over your notes and files together....
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