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IST195: Lecture Study Topics for Final Exam Note: 20 questions on the final exam will pertain to material covered in lecture since the last midterm. The remaining 80 questions on the exam will be drawn from the database of questions that supply the reading checks. The study topics below are from the lecture. Malware Phishing Viruses/worms SQL Slammer Melissa System Development Information system SDLC and Phases
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Unformatted text preview: Project Management Gantt Chart DFD Testing Security Plan XHTML HTML 5.0 CSS Title Tag Structure of a Document Span vs. Div Careers in IT / Quadrants of Jobs Daily Activities of an IT Job Value Chain / Michael Porter Primary / Support Activities of Value Chain Employee monitoring Employee Use of the Internet eCommerce / eBusiness B2C, B2B, C2C, C2B, B2E Phil Kaplan and his Ventures Blippy Venture capital...
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