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ExtraCredit (dragged) 1 - Of sorrow or of joy Of either...

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Queen Of sorrow or of joy? 11 Lady Of either, madam. 12 Queen Of neither, girl; 13 For of joy, being altogether wanting, 14. wanting: lacking. It doth remember me the more of sorrow; 15. remember: remind. Or if of grief, being altogether had, 16 It adds more sorrow to my want of joy; 17 For what I have I need not to repeat, 18 And what I want it boots not to complain. 19. boots not: does no good. Lady Madam, I'll sing. 20 Queen 'Tis well that thou hast cause, 21 But thou shouldst please me better, wouldst thou weep. 22 Lady I could weep, madam, would it do you good. 23 Queen And I could sing, would weeping do me good, 24 And never borrow any tear of thee. 25 Enter a Gardener, and two of his Men. But stay, here come the gardeners. 26 Let's step into the shadow of these trees. 27 My wretchedness unto a row of pins, 28. My wretchedness unto: i.e. I wager my wretchedness against. They will talk of state, for every one doth so 29. state: politics. Against a change; woe is forerun with woe. 30. Against: in anticipation of. Gardener Go, bind thou up yon dangling apricocks,
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