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king and warns Polixenes. Polixenes escapes to Bohemia, taking Camillo with him. Leontes jails Hermione until messengers can journey to Delphos and back to give the verdict from the Delphic Oracle. During this time, Hermione gives birth to a baby girl. Leontes is convinced that she is not his child and orders Antigonus, a lord of the Court, to abandon the baby in a remote spot. Hermione appears to Antigonus in a dream asking him to leave the baby in Bohemia and to name her Perdita. Hermione is brought to public trial, adultery being considered high treason when a king is betrayed, but she is vindicated by the Oracle's decree. "Hermione is chaste; Polixenes, blameless; Camillo, a true subject; Leontes, a jealous tyrant; his innocent babe, truly begotten and the king shall live without an heir if that which is lost be not found." Hermione faints and appears to die, leaving the king to live in remorse. From scenes of jealousy, death and penance and images of spiders and infection, Shakespeare
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