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Extra Credit Assignment Two famous garden scenes of Shakespeare are found in Richard II and The Winter's Tale. Choose one and delineate and discuss the horticultural knowledge revealed in these excerpts. Your submission should be at least one page in length, not just a short summary. Submit your assignment as an attachment. DO NOT PASTE ALL OF YOUR TEXT INTO THE SUBMISSION BOX. You can submit your term paper as an email attachment if you prefer. Send a copy to [email protected] We will acknowledge receipt of your term paper by email. You should have a backup copy of your document. Richard II, Act III, Scene IV, lines 1-107, especially 29-71. The Winter's Tale, Act IV, Scene IV, lines 55-165, especially 70-134. Richard II Synopsis Shakespeare's Richard II records the beginning of an era of political upheaval insurrection in England. Richard, an unsatisfactory head of state, is surrounded by self-seeking advisors who burdened his country with heavy taxes to support a luxurious court life. Richard's cousin, Henry
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