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images20-21 (dragged) 2 - Hyams p.96 Romance of the Rose...

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3 Garden with wattle fence, fountain. Source: Hyam p. 101. Apiary surrounded by wattle fence, Source: Crisp f g. 224. Garden scene, wattle fence, F owering trees, Source: Crisp f g. 111. Romance of the Rose 15th century, Source: Hyams p.96. Lover gathers Rose 1538, Source:
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Unformatted text preview: Hyams p.96. Romance of the Rose 1481, Source: Crisp f g. 61. Wire man of Gotham, 1347, Book of Roxbo. 14th Century Earliest use of wattle fence, Source: Crisp f g. 1. Renaissance gardens Fences and Enclosures...
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