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1 Images of Islamic Gardens This companion to the illustration on the left shows the preparation of theriac, a complex antidote that Galen’s recommendation helped to raise to the level of an in- ternationally renowned panacea. Between and above the two central f gures are various drug containers from which they are measuring the ingredients. Two assistants (extreme left and right) obtain supplies of crude drugs for the compounders. (Miniature from ms. in Austrian National Library, Vienna; reproduced from Zekert, O.: Chem. and Druggist 120:728, 1934). This miniature in an Arabic manuscript of the early 13th century depicts the preparation of drugs.
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Unformatted text preview: A liquid remedy is being mixed over a f re in the open air, where F ora and fauna symbolize the pharmaceutical bounty of nature. The bearded f gure (right) holds out an ornate ceramic drug container. This manuscript was based on Galen’s treatise converning electuaries. The interior of a pharmacy as represented in a manu-script of Treatise on Medicine by Dioscorides. (Met-ropolitan Museum of Art, New York). The preparation of an aromatic wine to treat coughs; from an Arabic translation of Treatise on Medicine by Dioscorides. (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)....
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