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Lecture 1 2 The Emergence of Man Source: J.N. Leonard, 1973 First Farmers, Time Life Geology Archeology 4.5 Creation of the Earth 4 Formation of the primordial sea First life, single-celled algae and bacteria, appears in water 3 2 1 First oxygen-breathing animals appear 800 Primitive organisms develop interdependent specialized cells 600 Shell-bearing multicelled invertebrate animals appear Evolution of armored fish, first animals possess backbones 400 Small amphibians venture onto land Reptiles and insects arise Age of dinosours begins
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Unformatted text preview: 200 Birds appear Mammals live in shadow of dinosaurs Age of dinosaurs ends 80 Prosimians, earliest primates, develop in trees 60 40 Monkeys and apes evolve 20 10 Ramapithecus, oldest known primate with apparently human-like traits, 8 evolves in India & Africa 6 Australopithecus, closest primate ancestor to humans, appears in Africa 4 Mesozoic middle life Cenozoic recent life Billions of Years Ago Millions of Years Ago Precambrian earliest era Paleozoic ancient life...
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