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Lecture 1 3 Geology Archeology 2 Oldest known tool fashioned by humans in Africa First true human, Homo erectus , emerges in East Indies and Africa 1 Homo erectus populates temperate zones 800 Humans learns to control and use fire 600 Large-scale, organized elephant hunts staged in Europe 400 Artificial shelters 200 Neandertals emerge in Europe 80 60 Ritual burials in Europe and Near East suggest belief in afterlife Woolly mammoths hunted by Neandertals in northern Europe 40 Cro-Magnons arise in Europe Asian hunters cross Bering Land Bridge to populate New World Oldest known written record, lunar notations on bone, made in Europe Humans reach Australia First artists decorate walls and ceilings of caves in France and Spain
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Unformatted text preview: 30 Figurines sculpted for nature worship 20 Invention of needle makes sewing possible Bison hunting begins on Great Plains of North America 10 Bow and arrow invented in Europe Pottery first made in Japan Holocene present epoch Upper Pleistocene latest period of most recent epoch Middle Paleolithic middle period of Old Stone Age Upper Paleolithic latest period of Old Stone Age Mesolithic Middle Stone Age Millions of Years Ago Lower Pleistocene oldest period of most recent Thousands of Years Ago Lower Paleolithic oldest period of Old Stone Age Middle Pleistocene middle period of most recent epoch...
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