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Lecture 1 4 Sheep domesticated in Near East Dog domesticated in North America Jericho, oldest known city, settled Goat domesticated in Persia Humans cultivate first crops, wheat and barley in Near East Pattern of village life grows in Near East Catal Huyuk, in what is now Turkey, becomes largest Neolithic city Loom invented in Near East Cattle domesticated in Near East Oldest known massive stone monument built in Brittany Sail-propelled boats used in Egypt First city-states develop in Sumer Cylinder seals begin to be used as marks of identification in Near East First potatoes grown in South America Wheel originates in Sumer Humans begin to cultivate rice in Far East Silk moth domesticated in China Egyptian merchant trading ships start to ply the Mediterranean
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Unformatted text preview: First writing, pictographic, composed in Near East Bronze first used to make tools in Near East City life spreads to Nile Valley Plow is developed in Near East Accurate calendar based on stellar observation devised in Egypt Stonehenge, most famous of ancient stone monuments, begun in England Pyramids built in Egypt Minoan navigators begin to venture into seas beyond the Mediterranean Variety of gods and heroes glorified in Gilgamesh and other epics in Near Ea Agriculture begins to replace hunting in Europe Copper used in trade in Mediterranean area Corn cultivated in Mexico 11000 10000 9000 8000 6000 5500 5000 4800 4600 Neolithic New Stone Age Copper Age Bronze Age Geology Archeology Years Ago Holocene (cont.)...
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