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lec01 (dragged) 4 - 3000 Reindeer domesticated in Eurasia...

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Lecture 1 5 Geology Archeology 4500 Cities rise in the Indus Valley Earliest written code of laws drawn up in Sumer Herdsmen of Central Asia learn to tame and ride horses 4000 Use of bronze in Europe Chicken and elephant domesticated in Indus Valley Eskimo culture begins in Bering Strait area 3500 Invention of ocean-going canoes; humans reach South Pacific Ceremonial bronze sculptures created in China Imperial government, ruling distant provinces, established by Hittites 3400 Iron in use in Near East First complete alphabet devised in script of the Ugarit people in Syria Hebrews introduce concept of monotheism
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Unformatted text preview: 3000 Reindeer domesticated in Eurasia 2900 Phonicians develop modern alphabet 2800 Celtic culture begins to spread use of iron throughout Europe Nomads create a far-flung society based on the horse in Russian steppes First highway system built in Assyria Homer composes Iliad and Odyssey 2700 Rome founded Wheel barrow invented in China 2200 Epics of India's gods and heroes, Mahabharata and Ramayana , written Water wheel invented in Near East 2000 Current era begins Years Ago Bronze Age (cont.) Iron Age Holocene (cont.)...
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