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lec01 (dragged) 5 - 1900 Liberty Hyde Bailey – Wright...

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Lecture 1 6 Current Era ( CE ) 1 Height of Roman Empire, birth of Christ Destruction of Pompei (79) Persecution of Christians Emperor Constantine, establishment of Christian dominance Decline of Roman Empire 500 Rise of Islam Dark Ages in Europe, plague Tang Dynasty in China Sung Dynasty in China Vikings 1000 Norman Conquest (1044) Cathedrals constructed Genghis Khan Ottoman empire in Turkey, Aztecs settle in Mexico Printing press 1500 BEGINNING OF MODERN ERA, Printed Herbals, Columbus Age of Exploration 1600 William Shakespeare, Francis Bacon Rembrandt, Cromwell 1700 Gardens of Versailles, Isaac Newton US Revolution (1776), Carolus Linnaeus 1800 Thomas Andrew Knight: Beginning of Horticultural Science Charles Darwin, Gregor Mendel; Birth of genetics, Morrill Act
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Unformatted text preview: 1900 Liberty Hyde Bailey – Wright brothers f ight – ASHS founded Rediscovery of Mendel’s paper, beginning of Genetics 1910 Thomas Hunt Morgan & Drosophila, mechanization of Agriculture World War I 1920 Hybrid corn, vitamins Rise of tractor in agriculture 1930 World Depression Dust Bowl 1940 World War II VE,VJ day, Cold War 1950 DNA Structure, Watson Crick, Korean Con f ict Genetic Code 1960 Herbicides Vietnam Era 1970 Man on the moon (1969), Green Revolution, plasticulture Tissue culture, micropropagation 1980 Gene transformation Molecular biology 1990 Gulf War, computors Information revolution – Internet 2000 Genomics, directed mutation...
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