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Lecture 1 7 Summary Lecture 1 Dates to Remember Years ago 15 Billion Origin of universe 4.5 Billion Origin of earth 3.5 Billion Origin of life 1 Billion Oxygen breathing animals 200 Million Age of dinosaurs 2 Million Tools used by early humans 1 Million Homo erectus 200,000 Neandertal Cro-Magnon 10,000 Neolithic Revolution
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Unformatted text preview: 8,000 Development of Agriculture 5,000 Bronze Age-pyramids-Stonehenge, cuneiform, writing, wichan centers 4,000 Sumerians 3,000 Iron Age 2,500 Golden Age of Greece 2,000 Common era, Roman Empire 1,500 Fall of Rome 1,000 Norman conquest 500 Modern EraColumbus Genetic code...
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