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4 Lecture 2 and sexuality. Thus, long before people settled into towns, domesticated plants or animals, or developed an agriculture, they clearly gathered special plants, probably nettles, extracted f bers, and manufactured useful articles. See Reading 2-1. The recent discovery of the Ice Man, has increased our knowledge of clothing in the late Neolithic period. This period is known as the Bronze Age based on the use of smelting technology and the development of bronze weapons and utensils. (Fig. 2-8). A murdered hunter, about 46 years old, was discovered protruding from a glacier in 1991 in the Southern Alps in south Tyrol, at an altitude 3,210 m, on the Italian side of the border. The body, dated 5300 years ago, represents Late Stone Age, Early Bronze Age (in fact, one of his tools was an ax with a bronze blade). His clothing consisted of leggings, belt, loincloth, cap and shoes made out of leather or skins. However, a woven grass net was attached to the inside of the shoe to hold hay which
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