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lec02 (dragged) 4 - Lecture 2 5 was stuffed inside for...

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5 Lecture 2 was stuffed inside for protection from the cold. The legging around the ankle was bound with grass f la- ments. A cloak made of plaited alpine grass was worn over of the skin clothing, attached with grass cords and sewn with grass threads. Other plant material were wooden arrows, string wound up in a ball, wooden handles for a dagger and a wooden tool for work on F int (retoucher), a bird net, birch bark containers, prob- ably used for carrying embers, but containing charred oak leaves, einkorn, a primitive wheat, and wheat particles, bits of a birch fungus, used up to the 20 th century as a medicinal, and whose active ingredients stop bleeding and act as a disinfectant. Food remains include a sloe berry and an einkorn grain embedded in the cloak. His last meals consisted of gruel made of einkorn, meat, and unidenti
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