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lec02 (dragged) 7 - 8 A Lecture 2 B Fig 2-10 Early...

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8 Lecture 2 scale differ. In the Mid-East the invention of agriculture is associated with the harvest of native wheats and barley and the domestication of the goat and dog. In Asia the grain was rice and in the Americas it was maize, in Africa it was largely millets. References Fleckinger, A. and H. Steiner. 1999. The Iceman. 2nd ed. Falio Verlag Balzano, Vienna 1998 and South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology. Gibbons, A. 2001. In search of the fi rst Europeans. Science 291:1722–1729. Singer, C., 1958. From Magic to Science, Dover, New York (1st ed. pub 1927).
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