Lec03(dragged 6 - 7 Early and simultaneous ripening This change is occurring in tomato 8 Change in life span Seed crops shortened Vegetative crops

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7 Lecture 3 4. Loss of bitter and toxic substances Hydrocyanic acid in cassava Tannins in apples Bitter principles (cucurbitacins) in cucurbits Bitterness in lettuce 5. Loss of protective, defensive structures Spines (citrus, apples, locust) Prickly fruits and seeds (cactus) 6. Loss of delayed germination Loss of dormancy separates weeds from many annual crop plants. Typically, ornamentals (closer to wild plants) have seed dormancy while vegetables do not.
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Early and simultaneous ripening This change is occurring in tomato. 8. Change in life span Seed crops- shortened Vegetative crops – lengthened 9. Changes in organ shape and size roots - carrots, parsnips, beets f owers - doubleness buds – cauli f ower fruits - increasing apple fruit size 10. Increase in self pollination Cultivated types are often highly self pollinated. Self-pollination is rarer in wild species....
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