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8 Lecture 3 References Ames, Oakes. 1939. Economic annuals and human cultures. Botanical Museum of Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Anderson, E. 1969. Plants, Man, and Life. University of California, Berkeley. Baker, H.G. 1970. Plants and Civilization. Wadsworth Publishing Co., Belmont, California. Bender, B. 1975. Farming in Prehistory: From Hunter-gatherer to Food Producer. John Baker, London. Camp, W.H., V.R. Boswell, and J.R. Magness. 1957. The World in your Garden. National Geographic So- ciety, Washington, DC. Diamond, J. 2002. Evolution, consequences and future of plant and animal domestication. Nature 418: 700- 707. Fortin, Michel. 1999. Syria: Land of Civilization. Musee de la ovilesation de Quebec. Frankel, O.H. and E. Bennett (ed.). 1970. Genetic Resources in Plants: Their Exploitation and Conservation. IBP Handbook No. 11. F.A. Davis Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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