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1 Lecture 3 Neolithic Revolution and the Discovery of Agriculture The Great Technological Discoveries of Pre-history 1. The discovery of tools. Although there are examples of “tools” being used by animals, from ants to apes, the development of tools is one of the distinguishing characteristics of humans. The development of tools such as f int points, axes (Fig. 3-1), weapons such as the spear and the bow and arrow, snares, and hooks is a re f ection of the change from gathering and scavenging to hunting. The development of hunting societies leads to social organization. 2. The discovery and control of re. Fire provides heat and light and expands the food supply. A great many foods are inedible, unpalatable, or unsanitary without the cooking process. In the Greek leg- end, Prometheus stole F re from the Gods and was punished by being chained to a rock with an eagle continually pecking away at his liver. The discovery of techniques to preserve F re and to make F re
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