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2 Lecture 3 Fig. 3-1. Adze and axe 7000 BCE. Earliest tools were made from f aked f int. Later certain tools began to be shaped from hard stone that was polished with an even harder stone, like emery, which could take 4–8 weeks. These tools had to be F tted into a shank made of antler before they could be F xed to a handle. Source: Syria. Fig. 3-2.
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Unformatted text preview: Terra cotta spindle whorls 5000 BCE. These objects were used as weights in the process of spinning threads. In Syria, f ax was the F rst F bre to be spun (into linen), predating the use of sheep’s wool. Source: Syria. Fig. 3-3. Reconstruction of Paleolithic landscape (A) and Neolithic village at Abu Hureyra (B). Source: Syria. A B...
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