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4 Lecture 4 Jack Harlan (Fig. 4-4) AND O.H. Frankel Twentieth century f gures important in crop evolution and preservation of genetic diversity: Jack R. Harlan , crop evolution laboratory, Department of Agron- omy, University of Illinois, and O.H. Frankel , CSIRO, Australia. Germplasm preservationist. Vavilov’s Contribution to Plant Geography and Evolutionary Genetics Law of Homologous Series in Variation (1920) Characters found in one species may be found in another depending on the relationship, a principal useful as a clue for characters remaining to be discovered. Genomics, the science of gene mapping has provided the scienti f c underpinning for Vavilov’s “Law of Homology.” Concept of Centers of Origin (1926) The centers of origin is considered the area of greatest diversity (Center of Diversity = Center of Origin). Furthermore the center of origin of crops contains many wild relatives and is the source of dominant genes (genes that do something). Vavilov proposed both primary
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