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1 Lecture 4 Geography of Plant Domestication: De Candolle, Darwin, and Vavilov Where did our crops f rst appear? There are three towering f gures concerned with the problem of plant domestication and crop origins. (See Reading 3-1, p. 64–72.) Alphonse de Candolle (1806–1893) Charles Darwin (1809–1882) 1858 Origin of Species Nicholas Ivanovitch Vavilov (1887–1943) Alphonse De Candolle (Fig. 4-1) Renowned Swiss botanist, born in Paris, ranked with Joseph Hooker and Asa Gray among 19th century. Son of a famous botanist, Augustin-Pyramus de Candolle (1778–1841), he took over his father’s botanic garden with a vast collection. De Candolle remained a creationist into the 1850s even as Hooker moved towards Darwin’s views, and wrote a massive tome on plant geography that assumed the derivation of each species from a specially created individual. He drafted the international rules of botanical nomenclature in 1867. His most famous book Origin of Cultivated Plants
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