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26 Table 2. Evidence for fruit crops in Egypt. Source: Adapted from Darby et al., 1976. Earliest record Type of Common name Scientific name (dynasty or period) evidence Date palm Phoenix dactylifera Pre-dynastic Archeological Doum palm Hyphaene thebaica Pre-dynastic Archeological Sycomore fig Ficus sycomorus Pre-dynastic Archeological Jujube (Christ’s thorn) Ziziphus spina-Christi I (Old Kingdom) Archeological Fig Ficus carica II (Old Kingdom) Artistic Grape Vitis vinifera II (Old Kingdom) Archeological Hegelig Balanites aegyptiaca III (Old Kingdom) Archeological Persea ( lebakh ) Mimusops shimperi III (Old Kingdom) Archeological Argun palm Medemia argun V (Old Kingdom) Archeological Carob* Ceratonia siliqua XII (Middle Kingdom) Archeological Pomegranate Punica granatum XII (Middle Kingdom) Archeological Egyptian plum Cordia myxa XVIII (New Kingdom) Archeological ( sehestem, mokheit ) Olive Olea europea XVIII (New Kingdom) Archeological Apple Malus ! domestica XVIIII (New Kingdom) Literary
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