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38 A B C D E F Fig. 12. Ancient Egyptian garden scenes. A. Randomly-placed trees growing within a square enclosure surrounding a square pool. Carving from the tomb of Akhnaton (18 th dynasty). Source: Thacker, 1979, Fig. 6. B. Four workers transporting trees. Source: Wright, 1934, p. 24. C. Harvesting pomegranates in a formal planting interspersed with ornamental col- umns next to a T-shaped pool. Source: Hyamns, 1971, Fig. 13. D. Garden planted with fig, olive trees and flowering plants containing a pavilion with steps leading down to the water, being irrigated by a row of shadufs. From a tomb at Thebes, ca. 1300
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Unformatted text preview: BCE . Source: Singer et al., 1954, Fig. 345. E. Formal Egyptian garden. The lotus pool, on which the statue of the vizier Rekhmire is being towed in a boat, is faced at one end by a pavilion or summerhouse. Around the pool grow doum palms, date palms, acacias, and other trees and shrubs. From the tomb of Rekhmire at Thebes ca. 1450 BCE . Source: Singer et al., 1954, Fig. 361. F. Garden plant for a wealthy Egyptian estate. Note two types of palms: single trunk = date palm, bifurcated trunk = doum palm. Source: Berrall, 1966, p. 120....
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