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1 Lectures 10 and 11 Source: Moldenke, H.N. and A.C. Moldenke. 1952. Plants of the Bible. Chronica Botanica Co., Waltham, MA. Biblical and Koranic References to Agricultural Technology The collection of sacred writings known as the Hebrew Bible, the Christian Bible, and the Koran are the basis of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the religions of over half of the world’s population. They are basically variations of a single monotheistic religion developed by Semitic people known as Hebrews about 3500 years ago that worshipped a single god called Yaweh (Jehovah), and, remarkably, still exist as a distinct people. (Monothesism as a concept can also be found in ancient Egypt where the pharaoh Ikhnaton (d. 1371 BCE , over 200 years before Moses) developed a similar concept based on the sun god. The sacred writings of these three religions have been compiled into the Hebrew Bible (referred to by Christians as the Old Testament), Christian Bible (New Testament), and the Koran.
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