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lec12 (dragged) 4 - Schall wears the manderin’s White...

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5 Lectures 12 and 13 Fig. 12-2. Christianity reached China through the Jesuits, who were suf f ciently diplomatic to conform to Chinese manners in dress and behavior and to recognize the values of Confucianism. The three f gures above are the resourceful Jesuit pioneer Matteo Ricci, with Adam Schall and Ferdinand Verbiest, both of whom aided the emperor with their astronomical knowledge and talents for diplomacy.
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Unformatted text preview: Schall wears the manderin’s White Crane plaque on his chest. At the bottom is Ricci’s most famous convert, Hsu Kuang-ch’i. Hsu, who took the name of Paul at baptism and, like Ricci, saw no inconsistency between Christianity and Confucian observances, is pictured with his granddaughter. Source: Toynbee 1993. Fig. 12-3. Development of agricultural implements....
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