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lec12 (dragged) 13 - 14 Lectures 12 and 13 In the 1400s...

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14 Lectures 12 and 13 AB C Fig. 12-13. Picture of Dongfang Shuo, the person stealing a peach branch from the tree of longevity (A). Painting of Zhong Kui a legendary character. The peach above the head of Zhong Kui signi f es long life (B). Portrait of the “Three Stars” peach in the hand of the God of Longevity, Shouhsing also signifies long life (C). source: Horticultural Reviews, Volume 17 Fig. 12-14. Genghis Khan. In the 1400s, China had expansionist interests. The Chinese Admiral Cheng Ho (a Muslim eunuch!) conducted seven expeditions (1405–1433) for diplomatic as well as commercial interest, exploring the China Sea, Southeast Asia, India, and Africa! Giraffes were brought back to the Emperor. Ho almost succeeded in rounding the Cape at the same time the Portuguese were going in the reverse direction. However, fearful of conquest from the North, the Emperor pulled back, destroyed the F eet, and the Chinese withdrew to their own borders leaving the vigor of exploration to the West.
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