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19 Lectures 12 and 13 over non-hybrid cultivars (Fig. 12-20). Recently, hybrid rice has yielded 6.6 t/ha compared with 5.0 t/ha for conventional cultivars, a yield increase of 32%. Hybrid rice technology has now expanded to India. Literature Cited Anderson, E.N. 1988. The Food of China. Yale Univ. Press, New Haven, Connecticut. Carter, G.F. 1977. A hypothesis suggesting a single origin of agriculture. p. 89–133. In: C.A. Reed (ed.), The Origins of Agriculture. Mouton Publ., The Hague. Encyclopedia Britannica. 1970. China Faust, M. and Timon, B. 1995. Origin and dissemination of peach. Hort. Rev. 17:331–379. Janick, J. 2001. Asian crops in North America. HortTechnology 11:510–513. Jiang, W.J., Qu, D.Y., Mu, D., and Wang, L.R.
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Unformatted text preview: 2004. Protected cultivation of horticultural crops in China. Hort. Rev. 30 (in press). Kihara, Y. 1951. Triploid watermelons. Proc. Am. Soc. Hort. Sci. 58:217–230. Lee, J-M. and Oda, M. 2003. Grafting of herbaceous vegetable and ornamental crops. Hort. Rev. 28:61– 124. Li, J. and Yuan, L. 2000. Hybrid rice: Genetics, breeding, and seed production. Plant Breed. Rev. 17:15– 120. Reed, C.A. (ed.). 1977. The Origins of Agriculture. Mouton Publ., The Hague. Wright, R. 1938. The Story of Gardening. Garden City Publ., New York. Fig. 12-19. Lingping Yuan, father of hybrid rice. Fig. 12-20. Area and yield of hybrid rice in China (Li and Yuan, 2000)....
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