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1 Lecture 17 Greek Science, Technology, and Agriculture The Aegean World and The Rise Of Hellenism There is evidence of civilization appearing in the Bronze age (3200 to 2000 BCE) in mainland Greece and neighboring islands. The period between 2000 and 1600 BCE, known as the Middle Bronze Age, marks the arrival of the f rst Greek speaking Indo-European populations. By this time a complex urban civilization developed in Crete. By 1600 BCE these is evidence of royal tombs at Mycenae, located in the northeast Peloponnese (the peninsular jutting out from the mainland). The Mycenaean kingdoms developed an ag- riculture including irrigation and the draining of Lake Coapis. Between 1400 and 1300 BCE Mycenaean trade developed in the central and eastern Mediterranean. Between 1200 and 800 BCE, a period known as Greek Middle Ages, Myceneaean culture gave way to the Greek City-States. This is the period known to us from the stories of the Iliad and the Odyssey , epic poems attributed to Homer, that tell the story of the Trojan Wars and Ulysses’return to Ithaca.
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