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2 Lecture 22 Gardens of the Islamic World Gardens were always important in the Mideast. In Babylon, the hanging gardens were one of the seven ancient wonders of the ancient world. This was based on ziggurats, temple towers constructed as an arti f cially stylized hill. The tower of Babel was created in a F at land by people who yearned for heights and longed for water. These early in F uences inspired the gardens in the Islamic World, which occupied an important place in their culture. The Koran is full of allusion to gardens, and Paradise (which means garden in Persian) is a celestial gardens. The Koran promises the faithful the blessings of eternal gardens replete with water and fountains, lush with greenery, and containing delicious food and sensuous beauty. Surely the pious shall drink of a cup, whose mixture is camphor A fountain where at drink the servants of God, making it to gush forth plenteously… …and recompensed them for the patience with a garden, and silk; Therein they shall recline upon couches
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