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3 Lecture 25 Decipherment of hand written pages Parthnut sine Albocastanon pag: 906 Against ye Plauge, Ague, passion of ye stomacke and surfets Celandine. Rosemarie, Sage, Bawms, Mugword, Rue, Wormwoode, Draggons, Scabious, Pimpernall, Egremoine, Angellica, Betony, [equal amounts lbs by 6 [ounce] ???]. Put all these things together 3 nights, stopping it close with all these things in an ordinarie still, but not in a Limbseck: Glass and keep it for your use. Give ye patient 10 spoonfulls hereof when he feeles himselfe infected blood warme, walking uppon it if he be able, or else forced to walke between two men; then put him into a warm bed
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Unformatted text preview: if he vomit it is ye better, if it be possible, give him this liquore before he sleep after he is infected. The elder this water is ye better; this water must stilled in May. You must still rest may run together. ffor [For] Sore eise [eyes] Rx One pinte of milke, a little rock allome, boyle it to a crud, straine ye crud from the whaie, drop it into your eise laying a six or 7 fold pledget all night over your eise and temples. Another for ye same Rx Wood sorrell stamp & strains it mixing ye clove with a little ne white sugar dropping at night in yoiur eise. Rs Divells bit is good for ye teeth. See page 587....
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