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lec25 (dragged) 4

lec25 (dragged) 4 - owers of Marygold Greene or Dry but...

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5 Lecture 25 ffor (For) the Stone Rx Take one Handfull of Maiden Hair, of Pillatory of the Wall, white Burridge of Dock one Handful – a Quarter of a Handfull of Lovage, a Quarter of a Handull of palm Christi or Christ’s Hand, and Half Handfull of wild Hyssop – Cut these herbs And pound them and Boyl it in a Quart of White Wine And a pint of Cyder, putting in a pound of Brazill Sugar and, Half a Quarter of a pound of Dates, stone them (and) pound the Stones and Boyle them with ye soft of ye Dates; in ye wine (and) After it Boiled high, half an hour put in half an ounce of Dros Scordium, mixing it therewith, Drink some of it Now and Then. Probut (?) Ffor (For) Melansoly (Melancholy) and Oppression of the heart Rx Take a pint and half of the bert Canary wine and one Dram of English Saffron and one handfull of the leaves (
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Unformatted text preview: owers) of Marygold, Greene or Dry but green are best and one handfull of Balm oile Bawms; (Then take ?) a stone jugg of a quart and put all these ingreddients therein and stopp it, close with paste that no steam may come out and then put it into a pot of water a soaking for twelve hours, take it out and let it stand tile cold before you open it, then strain it off and wring (?) it very hard and put it into a glass bottle. Then put as much loaf sugar as will dissolve it. Take four spoonfulls at a time as long as it lasteth give ye morning an hour after dinner and a little before going go to Bed and after the syrrup is (gone) you may make more after ye same manor and keep it by you and if you fell ye heart opprest at any time take 4 spoonfulls if it and it will Comfort you and make you healthy....
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