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6 Lecture 25 Rx An Excellent Bruise Oile Take a Handfull of ye Herb Motherwort of Nimph Royall or CatMiont, of Muwwort of Sourthernwood or Boys love, - Camomil— Horehound and ffetherfew, of each a Handfull—of wormwwod a half- handfull and of Rue a good Half-handfull—Shred These Herbe very small (some pound them) overnight andThen take a pint of
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Unformatted text preview: oile and a pint of good Brandy (Rather more oyl than Brandy). Boile it over a Gentle re Altogether for a Quarter of an Hour and thereabouts, Then strayn it and keep it for use. It is very good for all Bruises (and) Strayns or Sprains and for the Histeria if applied to the stomach....
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