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4 Lecture 30 Liberty Hyde Bailey (1858–1954) Liberty Hyde Bailey was a man of many interests and talents, a man of perception and foresight (Wilcox Lee). He was an extraordinarily successful scientist, teacher, administrator, poet, and philosopher, who profoundly in f uenced the direction of teaching, research, and extension in horticulture. Young Bailey devised a 3 phase plan for his life: 25 years for training in his chosen F eld of horticulture, 25 years for public service, and 25 years for retirement, during which he would be free to pursue his own interests. He predicted the F rst 50 years of his life quite accurately. However, his years in retirement numbered over 40, resulting in vast contributions to horti culture. Bailey was born in 1858 in South Haven, Michigan and was the youngest child of a hard- working family on a fruit farm. At an early age he became interested in collecting plants and animals, and in speculation on the relationship between one organism and another. Liberty Hyde Bailey Senior,
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