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Unformatted text preview: 5 Lecture 30 art, while botany was considered the science. The 2 disciplines were generally not considered compatible in the 19th century. Conse quently, Gray was disappointed when Bailey returned to Michigan in 1885 to assume a newly established chair of horticulture and landscape gardening. So strong was the dichotomy between botany and horticul ture that it was predicted that if Bailey returned to horticulture, he would forfeit his growing reputation as a scientist and disappear into profes sional obscurity. Fortunately for the world of horticulture, that prediction could not have been more inaccurate. Bailey spent several years at Michigan working to cross the garden fence, his term for the wall of prejudice that existed between botany and horticulture, between science and the art of growing plants. This prejudice limited training horticulturists as well as botanists, educating farmers, and conducting research relevant to production agriculture, and most certainly precluded the development of teaching, research, and exten-...
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